Enter the Exhibition

Studio 10, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 | 7th to 9th October 2022

Open to all Irish artists and any artists whose practice operates in Ireland. You must be comfortable selling your selected piece. All exhibitors keep 100% of their sales.

Prize: €10,000

Application deadline is Sep 10th. Reviewed by independent expert with final decision resting with Art Riddler. The piece you submit must have been created in 2022.

Submit Your Work

If your upload fails, try refreshing your browser or opening an incognito window. If that fails, you can also email us your submission directly to artriddler@hotmail.com.

A message from Art Riddler

Greetings, fellow Riddlers!

The concept behind Art Riddler arose in early 2022. While I am not involved in the Irish art scene in any formal way, I have been building a modest collection of work over the last number of years.

As I explore the art scene more closely, I notice how difficult it must be to establish yourself and indeed build a career around your obvious talent and passion. Furthermore, I see studios closing and other groups being challenged for bringing vibrancy to the city. This to me shows an apathy towards artists and diminishes the importance art brings to our lives.

The aim of my project is to assist artists in some small way.

Yours in creativity,


The Exhibition

The exhibition is taking place in Studio 10, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 from 7 -9 October 2022 and is open to all Irish artists and any artists whose practice operates in Ireland. Artists must upload their submission online by 10 September.

The selected 30 pieces which will form part of the exhibition. The prize is €10,000 and all pieces must be available for sale during the exhibition.

Proceeds of any sale go fully to the artist – no commission.

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