Art Sets You Free.

Open to all Irish artists and any artists whose practice operates in Ireland. You must be comfortable selling your selected piece. All exhibitors keep 100% of their sales.

Top Prize: €10,000

  • One artists will be crowned art riddler winner 2023 and receive €10,000
  • In addition to the overall winner, a further five artists will be selected as winners on the night 
  • Each of the six artists will automatically qualify for my next exhibition in 2024 (date to be decided) whereby you will be able to submit 3-4 pieces of art (size dependent) for the exhibition
  • The six artists will in turn be asked to identify one emerging artist each to exhibit alongside them. The emerging artist must have graduated from art college within the last 5 years and not previously had their own solo exhibition. Their piece will be size restricted. 
  • An open call for 10/15 additional artists will be announced in January 2024 to take part in the 2024 exhibition

Entry opens 14 April Onwards

  • Application deadline is Friday 15 September 2023.
  • Art work must have been created in 2023, be a one off piece and not been exhibited elsewhere.
  • All art that successfully sells at the exhibition must not be reproduced in any format post exhibition.
  • While there are no size restrictions on submissions there is a limited number of places available for large work

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